About Us

Future Foundation is amongst the global leader providing innovative solutions for materials testing for the Rubber and Polymer industry.

With its inception in 1990 as an off shoot of Mercury Rubber Mills, a world leader engaged in the manufacturing of textile reinforced rubber conveyor belts, Future Foundation made is humble beginning pioneering the first Indian Oscillating Disc Rheometer. Future Foundation's continuing innovation and experience gained over 20+ years has  fostered development of our Mooney Viscometer,  Optical Carbon Black Dispersion Analyzer.  Our Most recently developed Moving Die Rheometer and Ozone Environmental Test Chamber our based on our revolutionary new Xgen100 MPU ® Platform offering our customers expandable, integratable and affordable end-to-end system solutions.

Today, it is more vital than ever for us to offer our customers leading-edge technology, manufactured to ISO 9000 quality standards, so they can achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Quality Control Systems and Solutions

Future Foundation Analytical Instruments are begin used globally for Pre and Post Processing studies as well as Physical mechanical properties of complex polymers. From R&D Centers, Educational Institutes upto High Volume manufacturing firms, our instruments have found their place in all stages of polymer processing ranging from Raw material evaluation,  Batch Compounding & Mixing, Curing/Processing control and Final product quality evaluation. All Future Foundation instruments conform to the strictest industry, national and international standard test methods.

In Analytical Instruments, Future Foundation offers:
  • Rheometers 
  • Viscometers
  • Carbon Black Dispersion Analysis
  • Ozone Environmental Test Chambers
  • Temperature and Humidity Chambers
  • Universal Testing Machines

Future Foundation Sensor & Data Acquisition Systems: provide some of the most innovative measurement solutions for process control applications in the world, all solutions are designed to meet national, international design standards.

In Sensors and Data Acquisition Systems, Future Foundation offers:
  • Ozone Gas  Generation, Measurement and Control Systems
  • Stand-alone, remote Temperature acquisition and Wireless transmission Modules
  • High Precision Contact Extensometers