Mooney Viscometer

Mooney Viscometer

Brief Description
The Future Foundation Mooney Viscometer is a shearing disk viscometer, designed for accurate measurement of viscosity, scorch time and cure rates of the elastomers. The instrument consists of a servo motor driven, shearing disk that is within a die cavity formed by two dies maintained at user-defined conditions of temperature and die closure force.  The entire test sequence controlled via our operations software Viscosoft ®; provides material viscosity, scorch times and additional stress relaxation chacteristics.

Viscosity of rubber or blended polymers plays a vital role in deciding its processing characteristics. Any Deviation in viscosity of the compound may critically alter its behavior especially in terms of calendaring, extruding or injection molding operations.

• Processing Behavior Characterization
• New Research and Product Development
• Inline Production quality control
• Raw and polymerized material grading

Features and Benefits
Complies with ASTM D1646, ISO-289, JSC-k6300
Easy Automated Software controlled Test sequence
• Mooney Viscosity Testing (Choice of 3 readings)
• Scorch Time Testing (Choice of 4 Readings)
• Stress Relaxation

Mooney Viscosity:
• Range: 0 to 200 MU (Mooney Units)
•  0.001 precision

• Size: Large and Small
• Speed: 2.0 ± 0.02 RPM

• Direct Die mounted Heaters
• Microprocessor Controlled with PT-100 RTD
• Calibrated Range: 50°C to 200°C
• Accuracy ± 0.5 °C

Measurement transducer :
• Direct inline reaction torque transducer
• Four Arm temperature compensated strain gage

Sophisticated Software Based Recording and Real-time Display:
• High-Speed RS-232 connected Computer controlled test sequence
• Real-time display during run-testing
• Automatic computation of results.
• In-Build Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Package
  • Multiple Curve, Quality Gates graphical testing
  • Statistical Analysis of Results
  • Control Chart of Critical Test Parameters
  • Statistical Quality Control Reporting