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Moving Die Rheometer Xgen100

Brief Description

The new Future Foundation Rotorless, Moving Die Rheometer – Xgen100 ® has been designed to meet the next generation of manufacturing technology. The Xgen100® is equipped with an On-Board 24Bit Microprocessor (MPU) providing both Stand-alone (without PC) and with PC operability. The high precision of the 24Bit MPU provides In-Situ measurement of Elastic S', Viscous S'' Modulus and Tan delta (δ) process parameters. Touch-Pad Control Panel with backlit Digital read-out displays critical test parameters (Temperature, Time, and Torque) and can be connected to a Dot-Matrix Printer for cost-efficient reporting. The MDR Xgen100 ® has been benchmarked to provide repeatability to all global branded Rotorless Rheometers. The entire test sequence is controlled via our operations software RheoLab ®.

• Processing Behavior Characterization
• New Research and Product Development
• Inline Production quality control
• Effects of new ingredients
• Optimization of ingredient  dose
• Production throughput & Cost reduction

Features and Benefits

Complies with ASTM D 5289, ISO 6502
Easy Automated Software controlled Test sequence

• Torque Parameters: MI,ML,MH/MHR, Optimum Cure
• Cure Time Parameters: ts1,ts2,ts5, tc10,tc30,tc50,tc90
• Extended Parameters: S” (Viscous) & Tangent Delta (δ), dS”/dt
• Derived Parameters: Thermoplasticity, CureRate, Reversion time Trend

Stand alone, PC less operability with 4000+  Samples internal Memory
Torque measurement:
• Range: 0 to 200 (Lbin, kg-cm, Nm, dnm)
•  0.001 precision ;

Angle of Oscillation :
• Arc: 0.5°, 1° , 3°
• Speed: 1.67Hz/ 100cpm

 • Die mounted heater and sensor enables faster recovery <30 seconds
• Calibrated Range: 50°C to 200°C
• Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

Measurement transducer :
• Direct inline reaction torque transducer
• Four Arm temperature compensated strain gage

Sophisticated Software Based Recording and Real-time Display:
• PC Connectivity via RS-232to “RheoMate®
• Real-time display during run-testing
• Automatic computation of results
• In-Build Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Package
  • Multiple Curve, Quality Gates graphical testing
  • Statistical Analysis of Results
  • Control Chart of Critical Test Parameters
  • Statistical Quality Control Reporting