Oscillating Disc Rheometer

Oscillating Disc Rheometer

Brief Description
The Future Foundation Oscillating Disc Rheometer is a shearing disk (rotor) rheometer, designed for accurate measurement of the rheological properties of elastomeric compounds. The instrument consists of a rotor (Biconical disc) embedded in the test piece between a sealed die cavity, which is made to oscillate through a small specified rotary amplitude. This action exerts a shear strain on the test piece and the torque (force) required to oscillate the disc depends upon stiffness (shear modulus) of the rubber compound. The entire test sequence is controlled via our operations software RheoLab ®.

The Rheometer not only exhibits the curing characteristics of the Rubber Compound but it also monitors the processing characteristics as well as the physical properties of the material. The “Cure Curve” (Rheograph) obtained with a Rheometer is a finger print of the compound’s vulcanization and processing character.

• Processing Behavior Characterization
• New Research and Product Development
• Inline Production quality control
• Effects of new ingredients
• Optimization of ingredient  dose
• Production throughput & Cost reduction

Features and Benefits
Complies with ASTM D02084, ISO 3417
Easy Automated Software controlled Test sequence
• Torque Parameters: MI,ML,MH/MHR, Optimum Cure
• Cure Time Parameters: ts1,ts2,ts5, tc10,tc30,tc50,tc90
• Derived Parameters: Thermoplasticity, CureRate, Reversion time Trend

Torque measurement :
• Range: 0 to 200 (Lbin, kg-cm, Nm, dnm)
• 0.001 precision

Angle of Oscillation :
Arc: 1°, 3° , 5°
Speed: 1.67Hz/ 100cpm

• Direct Die mounted Heaters
• Microprocessor Controlled with PT-100 RTD
• Calibrated Range: 50°C to 200°C
• Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

Measurement transducer :
• Direct inline reaction torque transducer
• Four Arm temperature compensated strain gage

Sophisticated Software Based Recording and Real-time Display :
• High-Speed RS-232 connected Computer controlled test sequence
• Real-time display during run-testing
• Automatic computation of results.
• In-Build Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Package
  • Multiple Curve, Quality Gates graphical testing
  • Statistical Analysis of Results
  • Control Chart of Critical Test Parameters
  • Statistical Quality Control Reporting