Automatic Ozone Environment Test Chamber

Ozone Environment Chamber Xgen150

Brief Description
The Future Foundation Ozone Environment Chamber Xgen150 ® is a computerized environmental exposure chamber providing continuous Ozone measurement, control, recording and reporting of the entire exposure sequence.

The control system is integrated with an Ultra-Violet (U.V.) absorption based, high precision, In-situ Ozone measurement system The Xgen150 ® provides the ability to be hybridized for both Ultra-Violet lamp and Corona Discharge based Ozone generation. The Xgen150 ® is also equipped to provide operators the ability to test material under both Revolution Static and Dynamic tensile strain while enclosed inside in the exposure environment.

• Physical Product Static & Dynamic Environmental Characterization
• Inline Production quality control
• Anti-Oxidant Characterization

Features and Benefits
Complies with all ASTM, ISO, JIS Standards.
Exposure Chamber.
• Stainless Steel 304 Welded with all seams sealed
• Dimension: 500mm x 500mm x600mm ~ 150ltr ( 4 -to-5cubicFt )
• Ozonized Air Flow: 50-to-300 Ltr/min
• Maximum of 2 air changes per minute
• Closed Loop Air-flow system with inbuilt Ozone Destruct Unit, Ozone concentration, Control & Measurement

Ozone Concentration, Control & Measurement
• Operating Range: 25-to-250 pphm (Upto 10ppm with Hybrid Unit)
• Ozone generation: Ultraviolet lamps or Corona Discharge
• Rapid ozone recovery in between test cycles better than 10-15mins
• UV Absorption Photometry (Chemical less) Measurement.
• Measurement accuracy: +/-2pphm
• Controller accuracy: within +/-10% of Set-point

Temperature and Humidity Control
• Operating Range: ambient + 5°C -to-70°C
• Control accuracy: +/-1°C
• PID Micro-controlled control loop
• Humidity Range: 10% -to-90% RH

Test Specimen Carriers
• Static, Dynamic and Revolution Static Test Apparatus (ASTM D3395)
• 15-Static Carriers with adjustable strain on rotating carrier @ 1 Rev/5mins
• 8-Dynamic Carriers with adjustable strain: (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 40%, 60%)

Computerized Recording, Analysis & Reporting
• Customized “FF-OzoneSoft “software.
• Complete control of User -Customized Test Sequence
• Final Test Specimen Reporting as per ISO: 1431 -1/2