UV Ozone Analyzer

UV Ozone Analyzer OA Xgen100

Brief Description
The Future Foundation Single channel UV Ozone Analyzer Model OA Xgen100® is a state-of-the-art UV Photometer for measuring, monitoring & controlling ozone content of the ambient air, water treatment plants, critical semiconductor processes, and other applications that require long-term stability, reliability and high accuracy.

The Model-OA Xgen100® is available in a 19” rack-mount enclosure. Test Values are displayed while in operation, these include process parameters, warnings, alarms and error messages. The internal 2MB Flash memory has the capability to store measured data from remote applications. The OA-Xgen100 ® has the optional capability to continuously control any Ozone generation source via a 0-5VDC or 4-20ma recorder output drive using embedded control logic powered by a 24bit microprocessor.

The UV absorption is an absolute measurement, is selective to ozone, and provides fast, reliable and stable indication of ozone concentration. The EPA, ASTM, NIST and IOA recognizes this technique as the reference method for ozone in air measurements.

• Monitoring of ozone in ambient air
• Ambient monitoring in ozone plants
• Off-gas monitoring
• Monitoring in Material testing
• TLV monitoring (Threshold Limit Value)
• Water-treatment plants/Semiconductor processes

Features and Benefits
• Measuring Principle: Dual Beam UV Photometer @ 254nm (Beer Lambert Law)
• UV Lamp Source: Low Pressure mercury lamp, long-life design, burnt in for 300h; Warm Up time 5mins max; typical 3mins
• Measuring Ranges: 0-100,250.500,1000 pphm
• Compensation: Pressure, temperature, molecular weight
• Microprocessor controlled with Internal 2MB Flash Storage Memory
• Digital Output: Bi-directional, RS-232 Interface
• Control Output: O-5VDC, programmable control parameters (Optional)
• Recorder Output: 0-5VDC
• Programmable TTL Outputs: Alarm High/Low/System OK